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Coaching has enabled countless individuals to address their goals. From finding a more satisfying career, to overcoming their fears and limiting beliefs to working through various life transitions and changes. Coaching is something you will benefit from receiving, related to personal growth, inspired creativity and energy. Read more real life, life coaching success stories below!        
Jenn Musselman is a compassionate and understanding life coach with a sassy, upbeat personality and a self-effacing transparency about her own life that charms and disarms her clients into getting to the heart of what stands in their way. She is wonderfully insightful in all the right moments, guiding her clients in the journey of self-discovery to find those much-needed "aha" moments on their own, and gently nudging them back on the path with keen and on-the-mark insights when they lose their way
. - Hilary
  I used Jenn's Closet Coaching services, and wow, it was super fun and very helpful! She took the clothes I already had and helped me see them in new ways, "creating" multiple new outfits for me, and helping me see which pieces just aren't working for me anymore, which I consigned and made a little money! She also suggested a few pieces that I could add, to make my wardrobe even more useful, stylish and fun. I love Jenn's personality and she had just the right balance of of engagement and respect for privacy, as she watched me pull out of my closet the good, bad and ugly that I'd been keeping. The impact of Closet Coaching has been greater CONFIDENCE in my clothes and in myself in general! I would recommend Jenn to anyone, and plan on using her services again. Thank you Jenn!!!
- MaryEllen
"Having Jenn as a life coach is like untying a ribbon and opening a bundle of opportunities.
I couldn't wait to talk to Jenn, it gave me permission to pause, reflect and organize my life goals. And of course, question some of my bad repetitive behaviors.
Jenn is there to question me, assist me to clear the path when I get in my own way.
I leave the sessions feeling very productive and successful.
Thank you Jenn Musselman.
- Susan

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“Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”